Sunday, September 23, 2012


Greetings Fellow Weblings!

Just wanted to add a short intro to acquaint everyone with Heaven and Damnation. This is a simple blog intended to allow me to refocus my energies and help sweep away the cobwebs when I'm plagued with stunted creativity. That said, my ramblings, notes, and soapboxes could be short and sweet, a pleasant little read, a painful brainstorming session, or worse, a rant about my ineptitude on any given day.

What I do:

I grind away the day hammering out prose, creating drama, making and breaking destinies. I torment, console, elevate to knew heights, cast down to the pit of Hades, blaze new trails, give hope to the hopeless, and steal hope when it's needed most. I am the creator of worlds and destroyer of the quintessential constellation of good fortune.

I am a writer...

Cora O. DeSoto

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