Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Writer's Life

I got up early this morning to a savory smelling pot of coffee; perfect for a crisp Appalachian sunrise! It was 51 degrees, forcing me to pull on a sweater before stepping outside. I sipped my brew while admiring the surrounding evergreen and deciduous trees. I had expected the deciduous trees to have shed by now, but the leaves haven't even changed color yet. After mentioning this to someone while in town, the gentleman said it had something to do with the early rain we got. That's fine by me, I'm not quite ready for the death that precedes winter.

After drinking my coffee I spent a couple hours clearing the last shriveled stands in the garden. Next year I'm doing it differently. Instead of planting with hopes of getting as much into the small plot as possible, I'm going to be more conservative and put more space between each plant. I hear if I do that I'll get a much healthier harvest. For instance, instead of getting eight inch ears of corn I could get fifteen inch ears. I'm going to rota-till and clear it better this time around and fertilize long before planting.

After distracting myself with some piddling around the house I forced myself to sit down at the computer and pound out a few pages. Sometimes the creativity comes with ease and my fingers seem to fly over the keyboard of their own accord, struggling to keep up with what's pouring out of my imagination. Other times I'm lucky to peck out three pathetic paragraphs not worth seeing the light of day. Today was something in between. I'm thinking it might be time for a short road trip to get those cobwebs out of my head.

Sometimes looking at this screen gets to be tedious and the well of my creativity runs dry. The only way I can replenish it is to get away for a bit, get my head on other things, meet some new people, visit family, have some fun and just be. I never mind coming back to the task at hand once I've been able to recharge. So, I'm marking it down on a sticky so I can decide where I want to go and what I want to do. In the meantime I may do some research, maybe some sketching, or perhaps I'll even have my characters do some journal work.

Writing is my passion, but there are times I wonder why I can't just have heaven without the damnation...

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